Sunday, January 2, 2011

Beware...parents to very ware~

I wasn't sure if this was an "appropriate" blog, but I feel the need to share.  I did not go through this with my first born.  This just goes to show each child is different in their own way!  This is by far the WORST stage I have EVER gone through with my children!  It started around 18 months old with Taylor...I would put her down for a nap and then I'd hear her tinkering around (which is not normal, normally she just falls out).  I went in to check on her and found a turd shower, literally.  There was poop everywhere.  All over her head, body, nails, the crib, bedding, each rail, it was AWFUL.  I think I may have shed a few tears feeling sorry for myself.  It was a million times worse than the picture even reveals.

I was shocked...shocked that she knows how to strip her clothes off and shocked because this is a very good indicator that she is ready to potty train.  What does one do in this situation:
1. Run bath water and throw her in
2. Strip down every article of bedding
3. Wash it on the "sanitize" setting
4. Wash the entire crib with bleach and Pine Sol
Why do I explain what I did...just in case this happens to you.  
Also, she is now almost 23 months old and this stage has not passed.  I am forced to put her down for a nap with her footsie jammies on backward so the zipper is behind her.  It's so sad, it is like she is in a straight jacket.  Pajama's on backwards is just fine after going through the above process more than 5 times....hence....

This is so different than potty training a boy.  You would think I'd have it down being that I am female.  It is so different.  I am learning as I go.  Nate was potty trained in the warmer months, so we were always outside and lets just's a blessing to have the luxury of peeing standing up.  She is really good about telling me, but no #2 in the potty yet.  Wish me luck~

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