Monday, March 8, 2010

Fun in some Sun!

Finally...a BEAUTIFUL weekend.  It has been so dreary around here lately with all the grey skies and bring on the sunshine!!!  We took the kids to the park today.  We told Nate that we were going to go to the park, play, and have a picnic.  We asked what he wanted to bring in the back of daddies truck...he said he wanted his John Deere tractor, bike, b-ball tee with balls, his lawn mower, and he said Taylor needs her "walker!"  We thought it was so cute how he wanted to bring all of that stuff so we did!  I have been waiting for nice weather and the sun to shine so that I could test out the old Nikon camera and I had a blast!  I think I have a new hobby---just what I need right?!  I'll post some photo's with the fancy camera!!!