Saturday, March 26, 2011

Things that make me smile~

I thought I would put all of these corky little things in life that bring me so much happiness! That way anytime I am having a bad day or just feeling blue I can look here to snap me out of it!  I made these videos.  1 for Nathan and 1 for Taylor click on each of them---you HAVE to see them---I am so proud!

This makes me smile---
Nathan as a wee-man
Mike & I playing with photo booth
Taylor in her tu-tu
Mike wearing my Burberry ear muffs bahahahahaha
Our love ♥ and this day
My mom & sister's - can't imagine life without them
The sun setting in Fort Bragg
My kids & their love
Nate putting things in his hair
Skidbood climbing the structures at the park
Nate thinking he can use our agapanthus as a seat
Taylor's Ariel underwear
Our turquoise adirondack Chair
Crafting and making beautiful headbands for little girls
Cousins Preston and Nathan Palmer's SERIOUS look (whatever you don't DON'T smile)
Our home away from home

Taylor thinking her brothers underwear make a nice hat
Pretty much ANYTHING safari print and especially on my Tay-Tay
~~~~Click here to see a video that I made for Taylor!!~~~~~

I had a lot of fun making these videos for the kids.  I also had a lot of tears....happy tears, but sad for how quickly time is flying by.  When I have rough days with the kids I try and take a deep breath to remember just how lucky I am!

~~~~~Click this to see Nathan's video I made~~~~~~~

Here's to SMILING:-)))))))

Thursday, March 17, 2011

March Madness 2011---Slowwwwwwwwww Hand

I already failed at my New Year's resolution (to keep my blog updated). Things have been hard and I feel like I never have time for me or things that I like to do (crafts, sew, blog, Facebook, scrapbook, even cooking has been a challenge lately). Our biggest event of March was the "slow hand" AKA Eric Clapton! Yes, my dad got us all AMAZING seats at the Eric Clapton concert. Seeing Eric Clapton (one of the best guitarist EVER was epic...AHHHHHHMAAAZZZING! Now I have something I can check off my bucket list!:)!! I went with my Mom, Dad, Uncle Mike, Mike, Amy, and myself. It was my first concert ever with both my mom and dad at the same time. I enjoyed watching them watch Eric! It was unreal, sort of like an out of body experience. I have heard him forever, well probably since I was in my mother’s belly. But...then to see and hear him live, there is no one like him that I have ever heard live---again highlight of my year and its only March!!!!

And finally---our seats:)

Dad and EC