Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mommy Must Haves

I had to do this little section on “Mommy Must Haves” because I have never been so addicted or pleased with other similar products.
The first one is basically anything from Mrs. Meyers Clean Day

The first item I used was an all purpose cleaner---I cannot describe the pleasure that I get from washing my floors with this product nor did I ever think that I would combine the word pleasure with scrubbing a floor! I promise you that this product will motivate you to clean because of the smell in itself. The smell is the reward haha! I washed my floors, took the kids to the park, and came back to this indescribable lemon and floral explosion. It is truly a nostril orgasm.

The next item I got was at T.J. Maxx and I thought oh it’s cheap I’ll try it….BIG-HUGE-mistake. Low and behold Room Freshener – in Baby Blossom.

This smell is even better than the lemon verbena. I originally thought when I bought it that it was like a countertop spray and then I read it and it is a refresher spray. I usually don’t buy those sprays (I prefer candles) Well, now, again I am obsessed. The smell is gorgeous yet still light. If you are the type of person who loves the smell of baby anything (like myself) this scent is for you! I had to stop using the Glade plug in because Taylor just rips them out of the wall. So now….when I want a quick fix I spray a few squirts of the freshener spray. Sensing Smells Fact Of The Day: For some reason, certain smells can trigger memories and feelings. A person may smell a specific odor or aroma from the past and vivid memories of the event and people involved will suddenly come alive in the brain. Some people have even started crying when a particular smell triggered a distant memory and the feelings involved with that occasion.

My extensive wish list-
I need to get Taylor and Nate this stuff for their baths---
Bubble Bath

Shampoo / Body Wash

BABY LOTION!!!!! ( they'll share it with me)

Hand Soap & Lotion --this blows Bath & Body Works scents out of the water
I just about flipped when I saw that they make Laundry Detergent!!!!  Having my clothes smell this good would just be heaven on earth ohhhhhhh or clean sheets!

All I am saying is that if you try this stuff you will NOT be disappointed, quite the contrary.

The next Mommy Must Have is a carpet cleaner called FOLEX.

This stuff just keeps amazing me with every stain I think I might have. We have lived in our house for 1 year now and we put brand new carpets in. Well with 2 kids and a German shepherd you would think that it is inevitable to get a stain on the carpet, at least one stain, right? WRONG! Anything that has happened to our carpet, I get the folex, give it a squirt, and it’s like magic. Our carpets look exactly the same as they did when we first moved in! Every time I use it I think “I’ll give it a try…there is no way this is coming out.” BUT IT DOES!!! I heart FOLEX. I cannot believe it took me this long to find this magical cleaning love affair!

To See or Not to See

YIKES!!! I get word from Mike that his job offers great benefits on LASIK surgery. I have several thoughts about this subject-

1) This has been a procedure done for many years now and I know more than a handful of people whom have had it done.

2) I have probably spent over $5,304 (if not more) in products such as contact lens, glasses, appointments, saline solution, and eye wetting drops since 1997. I have basically already paid for LASIK twice since then.

3) Ummmmm do they really do that to your eye---YUCK?!?!

4) Will I go blind forever? I really like to see the leaves on a tree or blemishes on my skin-HA!

I go in tomorrow for an appointment with the Lasik center to see if I am even eligible for this procedure. We shall see (no punt intended)!!!