Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A tisket a tasket

Good bye Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day...hello Easter!  

Time is just a flying.  Taylor is well on her way to "expert" as far as walking goes.  I found myself feeling like a new parent again.  I forgot how hard it is to buy the first pair of "walking" shoes.  There are so many decisions to make. I went with good old Stride Rite...they never let you down.  This is such a luxury to go from having her walk in her slippers to real shoes!!!  Watch out world here comes Taylor ---thank you Grandma and Grandpa Palmer.  

Taylor also got a new swing for the is soooooooo cute!  

And of course PINK!!!!  Now while we are gardening Taylor can be with us outside.  I have a feeling she was starting to feel like a caged monkey watching everything from the glass window inside.  Nate also got some new shoes.  He got new Crocs and some flip-flops and then of course the weather changed for the he hasn't got to sport either of them yet.  

Oh exciting news....we booked a mini vacay to Disney Land!!!  YAY!!!!!!  This will be our first family trip to Disney Land.  I have never been a fan of Disney Land.  Here is why-
~I am a Magic Mountain sort of gal.
~I hate crowds and never ending lines for non-thrill rides
~I have been so many times b/c of softball, every time we traveled down there EVERY team had to go---Can you say OVER KILL

BUT---I do look forward to going and seeing it in a new light, through my kids eyes!  Also, Mike has never been so he is excited...maybe even more than Nathan!

We are flying down there and staying at the Sheraton.  We are going to the park 2 days in a row----SPOILED!  Best part ever---my parents are going.  This means I will have an extra helper and Mike and I can go out and have some "us" time at night WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!  Party time!!!!  We are not going until May.  

It is going to be a busy month.  Mike's brother David and his wife Michelle are expecting their first baby any day!!  Not only will it be a surprise whatever day the baby decides to come, but we don't know the sex yet either!!!   We are so excited!!!! Go Michelle (and David)!!!!  We can't wait for Baby P's arrival!
Also this month we have our Anniversary and my birthday!!! 

I have a feeling Mike and I will be celebrating our anniversary at downtown Disney! Busy, busy, busy!!!  Hope all is well with everyone!