Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Texas Tornado AKA Taylor Rose

How can something that looks this sweet be sooooo mischievous??? This little girl Taylor daughter is something else.  I do not understand, she is fast and furious, and into EVERYTHING?!?!  She is nothing like Nathan was.  He was my mellow baby toddler.  Sure he got into things, such as milk.  The worst he ever did was pour milk onto the kitchen floor and then he sucked it all up, yep right off the floor.  But Taylor...Miss Rose, we started calling her the TEXAS TORNADO, when she strikes it's like a freight train is a coming. 

It's not like I am sitting here blogging / watching TV, you know, not paying attention to her.  (I blog during naps) *wink*wink*She is fast and you never see her escape.  I have reverted back to no showers unless she is sleeping or another adult is here.  She is INSANE.  Here is a few of her latest charades--

-While "sleeping" emptied a full jar of baby powder all over her room.  It definitely snowed in her room (or at least looked like it did)!
-I was holding my bank card while on the phone for a sec and I must have put it down next thing you know I look for her and find her looking down the AC unit and what do you know?  There is my card in the AC unit.(still waiting for replacement card in mail uggg)
-Do you know what Mod Podge is?  It's a glue I use when I craft.  I jumped in to take the quickest shower ever and what do you know...I get out and she dumped the entire can EVERYWHERE glue everywhere, such a mess.  And she climbed up high to get it...this girl is killing me.
-I was bringing a basket of clean clothes in from the garage and she jumped in my car and locked all the doors, WITH THE KEYS!  I had to train her like a puppy to pull up the lock.
-She took my cellphone and threw it in the dog's water (thank gawd it dried and still works)
-She was trying to clean the toilets (which I should have never let her see me do) and dumped bleach all over my new rugs I had just bought.
-Climbed again got my tweezers and used the sharp end to scratch the screen on my TV in my room
-Gets into my expensive makeup and applies it on her face...or just casually dumps it on the counter---iyiyiyiyi

I'll stop listing now...I think you get the picture:)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

April - celebrating all month long-

April is my favorite month of the year (well besides December)!  It is when flowers begin to bloom, the weather begins to change, Easter comes, our anniversary, and of course ending it with my birthday!  We need to celebrate all month long and Mike usually always takes of an entire week in April!  It is so funny where life brings you.  5 years ago Mike and I got married and then boarded a plane to Jamaica!  This year for our anniversary we went to Dave & Buster's with the kids!  For my birthday we went to Elephant Bar happy hour with a bunch of friends...pretty uneventful.  We did have some good family time though---
Nathan started t-ball at the end of March.  He really seems to like it which is good...actually great!  It is great because you can tell that some of those kids have no interest at all in being out there. It's cute to see the "baseball learning" process!  Nathan didn't know to run bases after he hit the ball it was so funny he almost ran to a tree.  It makes sense as we always practice hitting off a tee, but never what to do after. ~tehe~ Then when he is on a base and his teammate hits the ball he ditches base running to go grab / steal the ball from the other team.  I think my abs got a great workout from laughing so hard at his first few games.  He is the epitome of "ball hog."
I made Taylor a shirt to cheer for her brother~

My brother's wife Rachel is due in May with their first child.  Her baby shower was at the beginning of this month in San Fransisco.  It was so much fun!  My mom got us this huge suite in the Marina District.  I took the kids and my sister brought Emily.  The baby shower was at the St. Francis Yacht Club so us girls went to that and my dad walked the marina with Nathan.  They had good quality time!  Well, we all did!  My poor husband had to miss out once again due to work.:(  I could not believe how well behaved Taylor a little angel.  I got lucky!

And Emily whom is wayyy too cool for family time these days;)

So cute when they love each other~~~♥ ♥

Mike and I went to the driving range and brought the kids.  They putted around!

Easter was so much fun the kids actually got to do 3 Easter egg hunts.  The first one they did they didn't get it all that much, but by the third one they were cleaning house!!

So exciting my sis-in-law had their baby (sex was a surprise) and they had HIM on my birthday!!! Best birthday present ever---Drew Hubble :)