Friday, December 31, 2010

Thankful to be alive and living well!

Thankful oh yes I am! I am thankful for my family!  I am thankful that not only did I marry my very best friend, but I married a good man! Although I am not a Carrie Underwood fan, I think of her song "He is good!" He is a hard worker, a wonderful father, and loves me more than I ever imagined anyone ever loving me!  Here they are building a crawdad arena!!!

I am thankful for my kids!  They make the littlest things so much brighter. 
I am thankful for Nathan's tender heart, he is the SWEETEST boy I know!  He is extremely funny and his smile melts my heart~

 I am so thankful for Taylor and being able to dress her like a little doll...Below is Taylor in her new rain boots!!!

I am thankful for my mom and dad the people who made me who I am today!  Their love after all these years has set the bar high for me!  I will forever be thankful that my mom beat Cancer! 
I am thankful for all of my girlfriends, sisters make me sane!

So old fashioned we are...the girls in the kitchen

& the boys watching football!

Taylor really digging her turkey dinner!

All these boys do is wrestle, wrestle, and wrestle! I am thankful for Thanksgiving with my family this year!  I always miss our Thanksgivings when I have to trade off.  But look at how happy my kids are raising cane!  There are so many kids for pure entertainment which in turn leads to Mike and I enjoying our meal and day in peace!  Well, until someone gets hurt~

The day after Thanksgiving we went back to the bowling alley for my nephew Ben's birthday!!!  We are the bowling family!

Our favorite picture we try to do parents grandkids minus 2. There are 2 older ones not here...
Oldest to youngest 
Emily (14) Jake (12) Nick (11) Ben (10) Anthony (9) Joey (7) Alex (5) Nathan (4) & Taylor (1 1/2)

Mom and sister-in-law Rachel 
We ended our month of November by putting up our Christmas lights!!

HAPPY HALLOWEENIE, as Nathan says!

DISCLAIMER: This is a extremely long BLOG...this was a very busy, eventful month.  So kick back, grab a drink, and enjoy!

1. (Abbr. Oct.) The tenth month of the year AKA The busiest month of my life!  Something is going on everyday and every weekend is booked!


My niece as you all know...Miss Emily Rose is a freshman in high school this year.  Well this makes me feel old, but young at the same time.  Old, because it doesn't seem that long ago that I got my braces off and entered high school.  Young, because I get to re-live it with Emily!  And boy have I got to re-live it all!!! Miss Em won FRESHMAN HOMECOMING PRINCESS!!!  You see I don't know about your high school, but at mine, this is/was HUGE!!!  At my school you were a pretty BIG deal if you were homecoming princess!!!  My friends were princess' but never me.  I only won Best Personality my Junior year for a girl ask guy dance....I think it was called Bogus Ball...pretty bogus!  Whatever at least I was voted by my classmates for something!  Anyway, I had so much fun for Ems. I was Emily's make-up artist / hair stylist...which was quite a job.  She had to get 2 dresses because on Friday night was the "royalty dinner" and the homecoming game.  I am pleased to say that I attended this "Royalty Dinner!"  I had fun scoping out all of the other grades see what is cool now LOL!  I did her make up and hair for that night where she was escorted out on the football field with her dad at half-time...I am such a sap.  I get all emotional over her like she is my own kid.  Here is the Friday night events...

Then the next night was the actual make hair style (and yes she wanted her bangs this high?!)

And then my sister had to have me do her make up for the dance te-he!  She chaperoned~~
It was also our annual diabetes walk that we do for hopes of finding a cure for diabetes!  Its a lot of fun!  The kids all get together and have a grand time!

Emily's Entourage

Mike and I attended a wedding on 10/15....DATE NIGHT again!! Norma came and watched the kids for us.  We had so much fun and my feet were sooooooo sore from dancing all night!

The kids and I out to dinner with Nana and Grandpa

Now onto PUMPKIN festivities~~~ We had soooooo many activities going on I could barely keep em all straight.  We go to Bishop's pumpkin farm every year.  This year Michelle, Emily, and Preston met up with us!  

Now onto Nathan's FIRST field a local pumpkin patch.  We invited Nate's cousin Alex, my sister, and Grandma Norma!!

My little skeletons!
Nathan had snack day on his actual birthday for school so we made a special treat!

Snack day means you also get to do "show and tell." Nathan wanted to share his dog Skidbood with the class.  Thank goodness Mike had his birthday off because we were able to go to his school together and show off Skidbood and then after school was out we walked down to the near by creek and they caught some crawdads.  That is Nathans favorite thing to do with daddy.  They catch them and then put them in our tanks at home! Taylor got dressed up for Nate's big day!

And we're off to brother bear's school!!!

Now down to the creek~

See sure you don't want any friends Nathan...sure!

The crawdad skillzzzz might have made Nate the COOLEST kid in class *wink*wink*
Taylor and Skidbood sat and cheered them on!

We went to Fairytale Town in Sacramento that night for Nathan's birthday celebration.  The Mayfield's met us there.  For those of you who don't know Fairytale Town is a little park / play area with slides surrounded on childhood nursery rhymes i.e. There was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe !  Fairytale Town converted there entire park into a HALLOWEEN theme!  There were candy stations at each nursery rhyme to trick-or-treat at.  Nathan got geared up in his costume he chose and met his buddy Wyatt and went trick-or-treating!  

Side note ---Nate's costume. 
 I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween and he said a shark or a bat.  I thought oh my goodness...where in the world am I going to find either one of these.  He couldn't be anything trendy of course like Iron Man or Spider Man.  It makes sense as his favorite shows are anything sharks or National Geographic animal documentaries.  I thought well, I could make a bat costume.  And then THANK YOU OLD NAVY and thank you Michelle!  Michelle called me to let me know that Old Navy had shark costumes!!!!

Look at his butt, I laughed every single time I looked at his butt!

Our next event....was at Safetyville USA!  It is basically a mini town set up to show kids how to be safe, again, converted for Halloween!  There were games set up to win candy, bouncy houses (which he will NEVER EVER do again as you will read soon, and face painting etc....we went with my sister and Nate's cousins (whom he is addicted to).  He loves his cousins!!
The boys...

I have never seen Nate hold so still for so long! He really liked getting his face painted!

Taylor waiting patiently!!!

All looks great Nathan!

Alex, Nathan, and Joey

We have an annual Pumpkin Carving Contest (Mike and I).  We carve pumpkins and don't say who did what and tally everyone's votes.  I have won before, but not this year...:-( that's okay though because I think Mike spent 2 more hours still carving his pumpkin after I was done.  Well deserved Mike, well deserved!  We carved while Taylor was napping...much, much easier!  Poor Taylor~

The results are in...Mike won and his is the one to the far right with all of the detail.  Mine is in the middle and Nate's is to the left!!!

Is October over already??? Ummm no, but close!  I still can't believe I have a 4 year feels like he is still my little baby, but he is becoming such a terrific little boy now.  I am truly blessed I hear all the time from sooooo many different people how well behaved he is.  I guess Mike and I are doing something right after all! Nathan's birthday party was originally going to be at a park locally.  We had to change plans quick because of mother nature.  We went to Round Table by our house.  It really worked out nicely.  We had an entire room to ourselves.  The kids could run freely and we were dry and warm!  
And Grandma and Grandpa Palmer were able to come thanks to Michelle...thank you Mich~

Cari & Karen

Michelle and Preston

The Lafevre family


Nate & his Great Grandma & Great Grandpa Palmer


Preston and his big handsome smile

This is so funny all of these kids below are products of Chico!  We all were friends and met in Chico and now our kids are playing together!

Nathan's cousin Anthony's birthday is in October as well and he had his party the very next day on Halloween morning at the bowling alley!!!  We all got dressed up again.  This time I changed things up. I found a Iron Man costume at Walmart for half off and Taylor dressed as an American flag from one of Emily's dresses when she was little!
Mom & Karen
Em & Taylor caught eating french fries...

Nate & Joey

Nathan bowling

Taylor glowing

My fancy shoes

Anthony the birthday boy!!

I pledge allegiance---

Us girls~

And later on that evening was the real deal...trick-or-treating.  None of this is a trick this all really happened and it was AWFUL.  We went to a church for a safe trunk or treating.  Basically the church has a bunch of volunteers dress up the trunk of their cars as themes and you trick-or-treat car to car.  They had a field full of bouncy houses. I think there were over 20 bouncy houses.  The FIRST one Nathan went in (not sure exactly how he did it) but he busted his mouth all up and his 2 top teeth were pushed inward.  He said he did it coming down one of the slides.  There were way too many kids in there I am sure someone just bounced near him taking his bounce away and he landed wrong.  It was horrific..I looked in the bounce house window and he was crying and I have never seen so much blood.  I went in and grabbed him and he was bleeding all over me.  I thought we were going to have to go to the ER and to top it off someone took his shoes.  He finally stopped crying and slightly stopped bleeding and we luckily found his shoes like 30 minutes later...some mom took the wrong shoes.  He was so swollen I felt so helpless.  The next morning I took him into a pediatric dentist.  He turned out to be fine. Lacerations all over his lips and his teeth definitely shifted inward.  The dentist said they'll probably turn grey, but come back to white again.  The adult teeth won't be affected, thank GOD!  And thru x-rays we found he has an extra tooth in the front of his mouth that will need to be extracted at some point.  It is growing upside down towards his nose...yep my kid!  Has to always be oddly unique.  His black hair patch, extra teeth...whats next?
Having fun below...
Before the accident

After...yes that is all real blood on poor buddy's costume :-(

He is so sweet still trying to smile~

He is so tough

There was a little carni on the drive home so I pulled off to let him and sister go for a spin.  I think it made him feel better!

The next morning before we went to the dentist-

I did not mean to end this month on a sad note...the month was a BLAST!  A very special month indeedy and truly unforgettable.