Saturday, March 5, 2011


This year has started off rather nicely!  I was sadder than usual putting away the Christmas decorations.  Christmas makes my heart feel all warm and fuzzy!  I will miss you Christmas time until we meet again...Christmas being over also means my baby girl is sooner to turning another year older.  *Sad Face* Big news!!  About 2 days after I wrote on my blog that Taylor hadn't gone #2 in the potty she became a pooping machine!  I just had to write about it I guess!
 A day at the park with my cupcakes~
Nathan is one of the sweetest big brothers.  He is always loving and trying to take care of his baby sister!

 My little dare devil has to do everything full force.  She is way braver than Nathan ever was at an earlier stage.  She even scares me, but like Mike says, "She is super coordinated and athletic!"

Mike and I got to get away to Reno for 2 nights!!!!!!!  Norma came and watched the kids the first night and then my mom had them the next night.  Thank God for mothers!  Mike and I have never been away together for longer than 1 night since before Nathan was born.  Can you believe that?  We NEEDED it!  We had so much fun not being on anyones schedule, but our own!  It was NFL playoff weekend to boot!  Good times!
This picture below makes me happy!  Everyone knows how much and how hard Mike works! 

This is the view from our hotel window and down below you can see the driving range on water.  This is where we spent most of our time! 

This was so much fun!! Mike and I had a contest to try and hit each "island" and of course Mike actually got it in one bucket on the island.  I hit the islands lots of times, but no bucket for poor me:-)

We went back for a little night time action!

The below picture is very important (at least for Mike).  The target right on top of my beanie is the bucket Mike hit his ball into!!!

We have decided that we need more "us" time!!!!