Thursday, November 5, 2009


October October October
October is by far the busiest month for us!  It is Nathan's birthday month and then Halloween!!! We had a lot planned this month!  Nathan was lucky enough to have 2 birthday parties this year and a special birthday trip to Monterey Bay!!!  Mike's good friend Charley propsed to Lauren!!!  Mike's other good friend Jeremy had a surprise 30th birthday bash.  My sister had her annual Halloween party.  And then...we had trick-or-treating on the actual Halloween date---BUSY BUSY BUSY!!!!  I am happy that it finally turned November so we can calm down a bit!

We had a birthday party at the park near our house for our BIG 3 year old! It was a nice turn out and beautiful weather!!!  It was nice having all the rugrats free to roam and make messes at the park rather than our house!  I am thinking I like the park party idea!!!  Nathan got lots of fun toys,which he really needed believe it or not.  I never ask for toys for his birthday, but this year he needed them as all his toys were very "baby-ish."  Now Taylor can have more toys!!!  Karen made him the cutest spider cup-cake he loved it!!!

Below I actually got Taylor on film pulling herself up for the first time!!!

These are the kids new beanies!!!

Nathan's Aunt Michelle threw him his other birthday party so that the "Palmer" side could be able to celebrate with him.  This was very nice as we love being with his "Great Grandparents!"  It is nice to go near them, rather than expect them to come to us!  We had a great time there.  Nathan got spoiled again!

Phewwwwww it's hard work opening all these presents!!!

Taylor enjoyed herself as well, she can't believe her big brother is 3 years old!!!!!

We went to Bishop's Pumpkin Farm in Wheatland.  This will be our new annual tradition, we love it there!  We went with Karen, my mom, my sister, and Denise!  Which equalled a million kids!!!  We had a blast, there is so much to do there!!! I am not sure who has more fun, the kids or the adults!

Off to Monterey Bay, but first Nathan helped me make some cookies for our road trip!!!

 This was a nice get away for us...especially for as much as Mike has been working!  My mom went with us which was so nice and sooooooooo helpful!!!!  Nathan really enjoyed everything about Monterey this year.  We ate at Bubba Gump's which was so good and the children were so well behaved!  The crew even sang Happy Birthday to Nate!

Then we were off to the aquarium, which Nathan thoroughly enjoyed! 

Taylor loved it all, slept a lot, but she didn't like being a clam!!!

We went to a beach and hung out for the rest of that day!!

The next day we drove the 17 mile drive through Carmel, Pebble Beach etc.  it was soooooooo beautiful!  I had done it before, but Mike hadn't.  He really enjoyed it.  Of course the sun was out and it was so picturesque.  Then when lunch time came and we went to pull off to eat on the beach the fog rolled in :-(.  It was still beautiful and nice, just a little chilly!!

Taylor ate her first handful of sand!

And then of course when we left to take the kids to the "Dennis the Mennace" park it cleared up and the sun came back out...go figure!  The Dennis the Mennace Park was much to do!  Nathan was in heaven and to be honest so were we!  The train below was a real train that you can just play and climb all over.  It was very dangerous, but a TON of fun!

Below is Nathan's favorite "The Tunnel!"  He kept saying, "I'm a scary dinosaur and this is my tunnel!"  He wouldn't let anyone in...big bully!

We had a really good time and look forward to returning next year!

We came home and got ready for Halloween.  Nathan was really into carving the pumpkin this year.  He thought he was super helpful, but I think he just made the entire process take FOREVER.  That's okay though it's these times I can never get back again!  Mike and I do an annual pumpkin carving contest.  Last year I won, but yes this year he won...His is the wolves!!!

We went trick-or treating Friday in Fair Oaks and Nate dressed as the Incredible Hulk and then that night my sister had her annual Halloween Party for Anthony's birthday and Nate dressed up as a Green Skeleton.  I was a pirate.  Mike was a football player.  Taylor was a pink leopard!!! 

Below is my oldest sister Traci, me, and Amy!

Saturday was the actual real night of trick-or-treating, which he was his favorite Buzz Lightyear!  We went trick-or-treating with Michelle, Amy and the kids, and Karen and her kids! Again a bazillion kids!

We have been very busy and look forward to calming down until Thanksgiving. It seems Taylor is already gearing up for her very first Christmas!!!