Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Loving --- HAVING A BLAST!!!

Wow, so I guess that I have not updated in a while since our anniversary and my birthday apparently. I have been having some issues with my computer, but luckily I have been able to fix it all, like a true computer geek! We had a horrible virus first and then my linksys router was not getting the internet signal. I fixed both problems. I am very proud of myself, I must say!

Taylor is now 4 months old and she will be 5 months old already on July 9th. She started eating rice cereal in the beginning of this month, what a mess that was. She has already progressed so far and is getting it now. She actually will kind of slurp it off of the spoon now and swallow it! She rolled over for the first time when she was 2 months old and now she is just steam rolling anything and everything that come her way. I can’t keep my eye off of her because she is moving too much. My time is really getting limited and the baby proofing will need to be in motion soon! I’m not sure if I already wrote this, but Taylor’s umbilical hernia completely healed itself over a month ago. So she has a normal looking belly button…just in time for bikini season!!

Below is Nathan and two of his cousins!

Karen's baby Reese Ann Mayfield was born May 30th...Taylors new BFF!!!

We have been doing so much fun things lately. Mike calls us gypsies because he says we go-go-go…but that is what summertime is for. Who wants to stay indoors with this beautiful weather? The sun heals! We have been going to the park quite regularly. I found one that is actually surrounded by trees, which is nice because the slides and stuff are not so hot!
My bestfriend Karen's son Wyatt had his 3rd birthday. We took the kids to this bouncy house place full of germs!!

I bought a pass for the entire summer to go to the lake, so we have been doing that about twice a week. Nathan is quite the little fishy. He has this Body Glove floating device that has really boosted his confidence and he swims like he’s been swimming for years. Once he gets in it is hard to get him out. I have also been going to the gym pool so I’d say he looks very tan. It’s amazing what a great tan you get from using SPF 50+ I even started using a high SPF and my tan looks almost as nice as Nathan’s. Taylor loves the water she never fusses in it. She actually starts to fuss when I take her out, but I have to because she gets all wrinkly like a prune.

In the quarter machines at Raley’s by my house they sell fake mustaches and we had so much fun with the kids and the stashes. The below pics are what Mike and I did for an entire Saturday night entertainment. Nathan loved them he kept saying, “Mommy where’s my mustache?”

My friend Heather got married so Mike and I finally got to have a date night together with NO KIDS!! We had so much fun we need to do more date nights like that again. We were dancing all night! We both really enjoyed our “alone” time together!!!

I would have to say our summer has started off rather well and I look forward to making many more memories!!