Thursday, December 30, 2010


I decided to NOT vacuum, NOT fold laundry, and NOT do dishes...yet anyhow...because that is why I am so bad at blogging lately.  There is always so much to do and to be quite honest I would LOVE to sit here and blog every other day, but unfortunately it is a leisure luxury to be able to do that.  My chores and kids make it difficult. With that being said...I am treating myself and blogging!  Take that LAUNDRY~ is HOT....where is the chill factor?

Nathan started preschool at the end of August.  He loves it!  I ask him if he has made any friends at school and he says, "No mom, I have enough friends between my cousins and Wyatt!"  Yet when I pick him up all the boys are yelling "Bye Nathan, bye."  I say, "Nate are those your friends?" He says "NO!"...whatever SNOB.  And then, when I drop him off in the morning and walk in, all the boys rush over to him and yell, "Hi Nate Hi!!!!"  It looks to me like he is doing very well on making friends?!?!

I started making headbands for little girls.  I wanted to buy Taylor a few and then realized with the price people are charging I could make 10 for the price of 1.  Here is me trying one out!
Taylor is changing so much from a little baby, to a little lady...

Mike helped one of my moms friends on buying some appliances and she was so generous that she gave us a gift card to Il Fornaio.  We were so excited to go on a date night to this fancy Italian restaurant!  We hardly ever get out alone and eating is one of our favorite things to do!  If Mike reads this he'll be mad because he HIGHLY disagrees...but...I am always the one waiting on him to finish getting ready.  I know why this is too!  Yes I take longer to get ready, but he doesn't start until I am like done.  While I waited on Mike Nathan and I took some photo ops!

And what do you know Mike is ready now!!!

Happy Birthday Dear Michael..Happy Birthday to you!!!!

Fleetwood Mac, um or, STEVIE NICKS!!!  I got us tickets to Stevie Nicks in Tahoe for Mike's birthday!!! A night away and a concert...TOGETHER?  We are getting crazy now!  We left Sac town and stayed at the Horizon.  We were able to enjoy a quiet, kid free meal, laid out by the pool, and then headed on over to watch the was amazing! We had great seats 5 rows back!!!!  We got all dressed up and felt like school kids in love going to a dance! I love Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks more than any singers and now I am blessed enough to say I have seen them both LIVE!!!!  I have kicked 2 off the bucket list and both with my man!!!  We had a wonderful August...centered around the beautiful Lake Tahoe!

Mike went back a week later to celebrate his birthday with the boys...they golfed and did god knows what up there. I cleaned the house and enjoyed it clean and untouched for a day while treating myself to a bloody mary!  The simple things that make me happy...we rarely ever sleep apart these days. I enjoyed keeping the TV on ALL night in my bedroom!!!! And then I got to go back to Tahoe for my girlfriends birthday celebration!!!!  There were 8 of us and we stayed in the nicest cabin right off of the strip!  We ate, drank, and laughed!  I had so much fun!  This whole month has been extremely uplifting for the soul!  I realized you need these things to be some what normal and sane!  Keep the fire lit with your soul mate, have fun with your girlfriends, love family indefinitely, and be the best parent you can be!  This is my recipe for life!

I took pictures of the kids at the park by Nathan's preschool. Taylor 18 months old and Nathan almost 4 years old...

I love my babies more than LIFE!!!!  They keep me on my toes, but they are worth every minute!!!  They make me a better person and I would do anything for them~~~~