Saturday, April 10, 2010

Taylor's One Year Old Pictures

I just realized that I never posted these...These pictures were taken from her one year old birthday!!!! 2 months ago already, can you believe it?!?!
I just love this outfit!!! The tu-tu and bloomers were her birthday present from Uncle David and Aunt Michelle!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Oh the joys of parenting! It's all about Nate!

I am constantly laughing everyday.  My kids crack me up.  They might just be the funniest people that I know!  I try and remember things all the time and and rarely recall what cracks me up so much... But now, today I remember!

Some days I do feel like life is just a battle with my kids.  Trust me, I do not take being at home and raising my kids for granted, but I am constantly the BAD GUY.  No TV, no chips, it's bedtime, bath time, dinner all your dinner, it's bedtime---if you get up one more time----nag nag nag ---get me?  It is EXHAUSTING.

One of my favorite shows is Grey's Anatomy.  One recent episode really hit home!  If you are a Grey's follower then you'll know the exact conversation that I am about to recite between Callie and Bailey.  It started when Callie asked Bailey, C-"When is the best time to have kids? B- The best time to have kids is NEVER.  They cry all the time. NON-STOP.  They never sleep.  They're TERRIBLE conversationalist. And they take up all of your time, all of your focus, all your patience, all your sleep, EVERYTHING & you've got nothing left for you.  C-WOW."  Basically Bailey summed it all up.  She then added the pride and joy that they do bring into your life.  This really hit me because there are good days and bad days...but everyday could not have been as great without my 2 better halves!  I remembered 2 silly little things that Nate did that made all of the crying, whining, non-sleep etc. okay.  The simple pleasures of laughter!  Oh - how much he brings laughter into my life!

Now let me warn you first, this may be lame to you...not funny in the slightest.  But these simple things that I am about to share brought me great joy in an ordinary day!  The first thing is --- I have this mud mask that I apply on my face prior to my shower.  I will put it on while fully dressed and let it dry before I jump in the shower.  I did it like I do on any other day, but today Nathan actually looked at me and noticed it on my face.  He said, "Mom why are you having that on your face?"  I said, "Well this helps my face be healthy."  He said, " Yeah well it makes you look re-dic-you-wous mom, that is just silly, you take that off mom right now!"  I said, "Well Nate, I use this quite often.  i like it."  Finally he said, "I need you to pinky promise you won't do that again Mom, it doesn't look nice."  I thought this was absolute COMEDY!!!

The next thing is--- After dinner (which he ate a TON of) he asked his daddy for some chocolate milk.  Mike said, "Okay you ate good tonight!"  Mind you, Mike usually makes him this protein shake thing that is chocolate flavored, but since Nate has been sick I was giving him chocolate soy milk b/c it wasn't as bad for his phlegm.  He had been in a habit of having the soy chocolate milk.  When Mike went to go make him the protein one he threw a fit and explained that he wanted the soy one...Mike didn't like the idea, but he went along with it.  He poured him the soy milk in his cup and then went and added water to dilute it?????? Well, Nate saw this go down and freaked out. I don't want it like that blah, blah.  Mike was like okay well I guess you don't need anything.  Of course, Nate took it.  This is the funny part---He took it and drank it and said, "This is weird, dad, real weird (tasting the water).  I'll take it, but that doesn't mean I have to like it."  HAAAAAAA WHAAAAAAAAA?  Where does this stuff come from----oh the little joys of parenthood.  They all add up and make the bad days not so bad!  It's instance like this that I LOVE!

I am going to put some pictures in here of course...
Nathan and I finger painted out back today while Taylor napped!  Enjoy~
We also decorated the was ART DAY!!!

Here is a picture of our first tomato plants in the ground. I plan on doing a before and after (as they grow)!!!

Oh MY GOODNESS---as Nathan likes to say! We have a new PALMER arrival and couldn't be happier or more excited!  David and Michelle had their baby!!! And it is a BOY!!!!  Preston Champion Palmer!  4/7/10  We are so excited for David and Michelle and are counting down the days until they get back from Japan!!!  Congratulations guys--we love you!  Nate and Taylor are so excited to meet their newest cousin!!!!  I managed to get my hands on some pictures!!!  Mike is so excited as this is his first nephew (well blood)!!!
Perfection at its best!