Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 2011

Happy Birthday to my soulmate~~~~

We went to Bodega Bay for Mike's birthday.  Mike and I have been to Bodega Bay together back when I was preggers with Nathan, but we stayed in a house on the golf course.  This was our first time camping there with our trailer and picked out where to go all via "Google Maps!"  I ended up being very satisfied with everything!!!  We will definitely be going back! Doran's Beach is almost like a's nice!  There is a awesome safe beach walking distance to all the campers and then the other side is a calm into the harbor.

Walking out to see our "private" beach

We stayed in site #70 which in my opinion was the best b/c you could walk to the calm beach to play and we also had our private access to the water that leads into the harbor, which had a plethora of starfish, crabs, etc. etc. The only down fall, maybe, is that it's sand camping.  Sand is everywhere...something I had to get used to.  The sand sure does entertain the kiddos, so I'll take it! David, Michelle, and Preston joined us which was awesome.  I loved seeing Mike and David together and the cousins playing!!!!  Preston did very well he just loved the kids!xo
This was by far the best part of our campsite...their own private sand hill!!
Preston loved being in the trailer...he is wearing Taylor's sun hat!
Behind our campsite - the harbor where all the fun sea creatures were discovered

Poor Uncle David, all he wanted to do was build a sand castle....

My kids made it difficult, they were being destructive.

The kids loved all of the time they got to spend with their Uncle....they already miss him:(
And what is messier than sand----MARSHMALLOWS
The photo's don't seem to be clear because when the sun goes down the dew rolls in

Mike and I decided to drive to another beach for the day---WHY on earth did we do that?  Everyone pays to get into Dora's Beach just for the day and now we know why. Okay, so before we left it was "Shark Week" on TV...and no of Northern California's beaches that has highest shark attacks is 2 miles from Doran. It is called Salmon Creek...we drove by was too busy to stop so I took a picture anyway---
Then we went to another beach, unloaded everything...walked down the hill to find this sign---
Just like inexperienced parents we trekked right on down there to check it out for ourselves----yeah pretty seriously scary...we let them play on some rocks, run away from a few waves, and then headed back to "our" beach.  We kept saying we have no clue why we left the best beach in the first place, but now we know;)

Papa bear watches on

All in all - another great camping memory for the Palmer Clan!
I won tickets to Kid Rock & Cheryl Crow---another free date night!!!

Nate started his first day of preschool and I let him pick out his outfit!  So cute!

Happy Birthday to my big sis Traci we went to Folsom, Chicago Fire!!!