Sunday, November 7, 2010

June 2010 ~Weddings, Birthdays, and Love

 Hello there my readers!!!  Nathan got his very first black eye...he hardly even cried.  It was an accident.  He was having a sleep over with his cousins and they were wrestling and he had to get in the middle and took an elbow. Nathan loves his cousins more than anything!  He would live with them if he could.  He gets sooooooooo mad at me when I pick him up...and he asks if he can go there EVERYDAY!

This was also a very exciting month because we got to meet our little nephew Mr. Preston for the very first time!!  He is so dang cute, no surprise he is a PALMER after all!  Every time I look at him he either looks like Michelle or David he is a switcher...but I know who he looks like now, which I will save for my later blog*wink*wink* Mike was ecstatic to meet his very first nephew!!! His eyes light up every time he speaks of him as if he were his own!

We had a date night!!! Micah Bell got married!! We even got to stay the night in Chico and everything!  It brought back a lot of memories since that is where our love began!  Not only did we meet in Chico, but these two guys are who brought us together.  Most of you know our story, but if not here is a quick version.  I used to live in the apartment above Jake (below with his son Joe) and Jake, Micah and I became good friends.  Then one day they introduced me to Mike. The rest is history!

I enrolled Nate into his very first school session.  It was a summer school class for one month.  I thought it would be a great start to get him acquainted with routine and what to expect come August!  He absolutely loves school!  He didn't even cry.  I dropped him off and he's like "bye mom." I am not "that" mom. You know the ones who cry when they drop their kids off for the first time.  I think it is good for the both of us, considering we have been inseparable since his birth!  Plus, it's nice to have some alone quality time with Taylor!!!

Nathan and Taylor got to meet Preston lil "Champ" for the very first time. This is the first time Nathan got to hold him.  He absolutely adores him, they will be the best of friends!

More exciting news....we got a new TRAILER!!!!  We are excited beyond words!  We love to camp and have always taken a trailer, but we REALLY UPGRADED NOW!!!  Just in time for Fort Bragg for the Fourth of July!!!!!!!

My sister's birthday is this month.  I must say Amy has really, really, become more like a best friend to me!  I've got the best of both worlds, a sister and a best friend!  Blood is thicker than water!!!  What does that mean anyway?!?!? I truly cherish our life together and feel so lucky to have her in one gets me like her.  Amy I love you soooooooo much!  Happy Happy Birthday!

MAY 2010 ~ D-LAND!!!

What a fantabulous month May was!  We were blessed enough to take both kids to Disneyland for their very first time!!!  Nathan was the perfect age and Taylor, well she was there!  Actually I must say I was quite shocked about the amount of rides both kids were allowed to go on.

For example the ASTRO ORBITER...yes both Nathan and Taylor rode this.  Well, I was more surprised by Taylor being able to ride this.  I was actually a little concerned on this one, especially when she could not clearly understand "stay seated," she was only 15 months after all...

Nathan's favorite ride at Disneyland was all the Toy Story rides, but my thrill seeker loved the coasters as well!  We wasted no time and right when we entered the park his very first ride was the Matterhorn.  He was so brave he wasn't scared of anything.  My mom and dad came with us which was sooooooo helpful!  They are like 2 kids any how.  When we would ride coasters with Nate they would sit with Taylor and when we got off we sat with the kids while they rode the rides!!!!

We went to Adventure land the next day which was just as amazing!  I was rather surprised how small it seemed to me.  I felt like it was so much bigger when I was younger.  We zipped right through it and were able to go back to Disneyland for round 2!  Nathan's favorite ride at Adventure Land was the Soarin ride where you fly through California.  He also loved that we got to see Lightening McQueen and Mater in real life!!!!  They were so cool they were just like in the movie!

Birthday and Anniversary BAM 2 birds with one stone!!!

For the fact that I have been out of commission in blogger land, I will be posting more pictures than blabbing. For my birthday (which I demand we celebrate birthdays all MONTH long) we went to Chevy's on the river for happy hour...and had a BLAST!  I was a little disappointed in the happy hour deals, but most pleased with the company!  I think Mike had more fun than me~

For our anniversary we went to OUTBACK and it was so much fun.  I mean some of my most favorite things to do these days are eat out with adults...I love my kids, but never realized how great it is to dine without them.  My gosh sometimes silence is just as enjoyable as gossiping!  It's funny because Mike used to always tell me how different boys and girls when "us girls" go on a road trips we talk the ENTIRE drive (which is true)!  But when he drives with his buddies they sit in silence and listen to the music or just enjoy the silence.  Well....I think I have changed as a "girl."  I am really, really enjoying silence these days.

Happy Anniversary to my best friend and the love of my life!!!! I hope I can make you feel as incredible as you make me feel EVERY day. I love you more than anything and on our Anniversary I just want to thank you for being you. I truly am the luckiest girl in the world! Here's to 4 and to many, many, more!

Nate would not sit with the poor Easter bunny thus leaving Taylor to cry alone...