Sunday, November 7, 2010

MAY 2010 ~ D-LAND!!!

What a fantabulous month May was!  We were blessed enough to take both kids to Disneyland for their very first time!!!  Nathan was the perfect age and Taylor, well she was there!  Actually I must say I was quite shocked about the amount of rides both kids were allowed to go on.

For example the ASTRO ORBITER...yes both Nathan and Taylor rode this.  Well, I was more surprised by Taylor being able to ride this.  I was actually a little concerned on this one, especially when she could not clearly understand "stay seated," she was only 15 months after all...

Nathan's favorite ride at Disneyland was all the Toy Story rides, but my thrill seeker loved the coasters as well!  We wasted no time and right when we entered the park his very first ride was the Matterhorn.  He was so brave he wasn't scared of anything.  My mom and dad came with us which was sooooooo helpful!  They are like 2 kids any how.  When we would ride coasters with Nate they would sit with Taylor and when we got off we sat with the kids while they rode the rides!!!!

We went to Adventure land the next day which was just as amazing!  I was rather surprised how small it seemed to me.  I felt like it was so much bigger when I was younger.  We zipped right through it and were able to go back to Disneyland for round 2!  Nathan's favorite ride at Adventure Land was the Soarin ride where you fly through California.  He also loved that we got to see Lightening McQueen and Mater in real life!!!!  They were so cool they were just like in the movie!

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