Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Nathan's first lawn mower! He loves it, he thinks he is just like daddy! He even goes back and forth in a perfect line...if only it really worked, our lawn would be the shortest grass in Sacramento!

We have had the best summer ever. Nathan has become so brave and so much fun to be around while in the water!!! He has no fear, which is scary but cool at the same time! When we go to his other grandma's house to swim, he jumps off of her diving board which is sorta high. When we go in my parents boat to the lake, he'll jump off the bow. He's my little thrill seeker!
Below are pictures taken from my parents boat!Above is a picture of Taylor and Reese at Emily's 13TH birthday bash at Sunsplash!

For the Fourth of July we went to a carnival in Rancho Cordova. There was a lot of free fun things to do there. Nathan had his first pony ride. Since he was first in line, he got first pick of which ever pony he wanted. Of course, he picked the biggest one!
We went to my sister's in-laws that night to watch fireworks. It was nice because there house is all private and secluded!! Nate liked the sparklers, but at the same time he was very safe! We like to call him "Safety Sam!"

We were lucky enough to go to the San Francisco Zoo!!! What a treat, no one was there! We rode the train I think like 6 times. Nathan loved that!! Taylor enjoyed being all wrapped up in my arms! His favorite animal was the bears!! All he talked about seeing the whole car ride was the elephants and for some odd reason there were NO elephants?!?!?! That was BULL...but we still had a BLAST! Below is a pic of Taylor the morning before we left for the zoo!

Me and my butterfly obsession!!!

Our next stop for a day trip was Chico! Nathan, Taylor, and myself went again with Karen, Wyatt, and Reese! We were trying to do as much fun summer stuff that we could before Karen's maternity leave was over. We hung out there all day and visited old friends and ate at all our old stomping grounds! This is where Taylor decided to first crawl! She was trying to crawl to Reese on the blanket! Below is Taylor in action!!!

The boys had a blast at 1 mile!

Silly Nathan

Below is a picture from our wonderful visit with the kids Great Grandparents - Blanche and Norman Palmer!

My mom went to the State Fair this year with us. Mike had to work, but also is not a fan of crowds! We had so much fun and bought way too many ride tickets (which Nate again LOVED)!!! Believe it or not, this isn't even our first roller coaster ride together. We went on our first one for his 2 year old birthday party!

The picture below is of Nate in a wheel from a fire truck that they had on display! This was his favorite thing as he is completely obsessed with anything and everything that has wheels!

Below is Nathan trying to be like his Uncle David!!! There are so many days that I think Nathan looks so much like his Uncle. He misses DABID!