Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 4th 2011

The kids FIRST Jamba Juice experience...they liked!
We didn't go anywhere for the first time in a long time for the Fourth.  We stayed home and lit off fireworks in our backyard.
Chillaxin' with some ice cream sandwiches

My camera did some funny stuff---because of course Nate's face is not on fire sillies!
Carousel RIDES!

Nate was of course very safe on this here wave runner, but by the end of the day he got it up to 45 mph

Swimming with cousins in El Dorado Hills

Mike took Nathan out to Robbins to get the trailer prepped and ready for our August camping extravaganza and he lets him drive on the dirt roads....I love that I married a true "country boy!" Maybe my kids will have a 1/4 country in them, maybe more, you never know what our future holds!

Taylor and I had "girls" day while the boys left!  We too, were suppose to be prepping for our camping trip, but instead we were painted nails and did Taylor's FIRST french braid.  Oh how long I have waited for this day----french braid *tear*

~and then the came the  "Texas Tornado," she got a hold of some baby powder---gotta love the innocence of children