Saturday, March 7, 2009

On the road again---

We went on our first family outing to Grandma and Grandpa Palmer's house. Of course the one day we go out it is pouring rain, but that’s okay because we need it. The day went rather well I must say. Nathan did not get his nap and still behaved good, so that was nice! It was fun to show off the new little girl! On the drive home Mike and I just kept saying how well our first outing went. I don’t know, but I guess we expected the worst.

Taylor will be 4 weeks old this Monday; can you believe it already…one month?!?!?! She is getting stronger with her neck and head. She is sleeping longer hours too, which Mike and I are so grateful for! She is also slowing down on the mustard diapers---thank GOD!!!! My mom and dad have a neighbor who had a little girl 10 days after Taylor and she was only 7 lbs. She looked like a newborn next to Taylor. Taylor looked like she was already 3 months old. The other baby had no hair and side by side you’d think Taylor was 10 weeks older not just 10 days…that made me sad. It’s like we skipped the newborn stage or something. My girl is just healthy…she was also WAY cuter too!!