Friday, November 11, 2011

Take a picture of your daughter in your wedding dress and on her wedding day give it to her!

I LOVE Taylor in my wedding dress:)
These first 3 pictures are my favorite!  This was so fun to do in our living room! The kids loved it...the background is Taylor's comforter...Free fun I love it! Nate wore one of daddy's suit jackets!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Rocktober---the go-go-go month before the go-go-go Holidays!

This little girl cracks me up...I saved Taylor's baby clothes for her to dress her babies up, but apparently she is playing dress up in them (: this outfit on her is size 6 months!!!!!
Tay is ready for the rain with her matching rain boots and umbrella----thank you Nana!!!

Taylor likes her purse on her handle bars as she rides...silly girl

Do these glasses make my nose look big?  Hahaha HUGE!

Emily's annual Walk to Cure Diabetes

I did Em's make-up for her Homecoming

Fall decorations!!!

My kids love creepy scary things.....yes Taylor is kissing the freaky baby

She begged me to buy it-weirdo

Off to Bishop's we go
We went with my girlfriend Jenn and her baby Ella

They love baby Ella

Jenn & Ella

Taylor laid in this wagon for a better part of the day like a REAL princess---no joke

Their new friend Madison!

Long, long day at the patch

Another Pumpkin Patch 2 days later---school field trip

Nate's preschool class

Halloween party at his school

Nathan Palmer 10-22-06
my BIG 5 year old
I love this boy more than anything (well Taylor too)<3 my favorite boy in the entire world, he is my world!

Breakfast...his favorite - Biscuits and gravy

I made him this shirt for his birthday!

Off to Sunrise Rollerland we go!!!

I apologize for how blurry this photo is, but it's the only one of he and I at the roller rink

Nathan had so much fun with his cousins...I didn't take pictures I sort of had my hands full so all of these pictures from the roller rink were from my sister.  I don't have one of Preston :( he was sooooooooooo cute on his skates!

Taylor, Nick, and Anthony

Nathan and Alex

silly sister

The very next day we had another birthday party for Mr. Nathan with the "Palmer" side.  It was nice hosting and having everyone come to us for once.  We had a really nice time with everyone!  The birthday boy wanted it to be a dinosaur themed birthday party so Dino it was!

Very proud of his cake I was very challenging and I realized I don't like making cakes, but anything for my little T-Rex!

That smile is worth the baking frustrations:)

Great Grandma & Great Grandpa Palmer

Present time!

Taylor even got a gift!  Thanks for the cute purse Grandma Norma!


Harvest Festival at Wyatt's school
*the crew



<3 on the butt so stinkin' cute

Taylor had time for a costume change

Our crew doing the rounds

The princess' being pulled

Nathan again loving scary decorations

Checkin out the loot

My l♥ve bugs