Thursday, November 5, 2009

SePtEmBeR 2oo9

This is Ella, Nathan's friend.  Ella is actually Nicole's daughter (one of my besties)!They live on like 12 acres in Lincoln. This is Ella's big brother Tyler's dirtbike!!!

Above is Taylor in a swing at the park for the very first time, she liked it as you can tell!

I took a picture of Taylor's bottom teeth.  She actually has a total of 6 teeth so far and is a very good chewer!  When I took the picture of her teeth Nathan had to show his off too!

I have a new "sewing" hobby and that is making pillows!! I made all of these pillows and also the brown curtains in our bedroom!  I am quite proud of myself!!!

I also was able to finally finish decorating Taylor's nursery!!! And now I can share her nursery with you!!!

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