Friday, December 31, 2010

Thankful to be alive and living well!

Thankful oh yes I am! I am thankful for my family!  I am thankful that not only did I marry my very best friend, but I married a good man! Although I am not a Carrie Underwood fan, I think of her song "He is good!" He is a hard worker, a wonderful father, and loves me more than I ever imagined anyone ever loving me!  Here they are building a crawdad arena!!!

I am thankful for my kids!  They make the littlest things so much brighter. 
I am thankful for Nathan's tender heart, he is the SWEETEST boy I know!  He is extremely funny and his smile melts my heart~

 I am so thankful for Taylor and being able to dress her like a little doll...Below is Taylor in her new rain boots!!!

I am thankful for my mom and dad the people who made me who I am today!  Their love after all these years has set the bar high for me!  I will forever be thankful that my mom beat Cancer! 
I am thankful for all of my girlfriends, sisters make me sane!

So old fashioned we are...the girls in the kitchen

& the boys watching football!

Taylor really digging her turkey dinner!

All these boys do is wrestle, wrestle, and wrestle! I am thankful for Thanksgiving with my family this year!  I always miss our Thanksgivings when I have to trade off.  But look at how happy my kids are raising cane!  There are so many kids for pure entertainment which in turn leads to Mike and I enjoying our meal and day in peace!  Well, until someone gets hurt~

The day after Thanksgiving we went back to the bowling alley for my nephew Ben's birthday!!!  We are the bowling family!

Our favorite picture we try to do parents grandkids minus 2. There are 2 older ones not here...
Oldest to youngest 
Emily (14) Jake (12) Nick (11) Ben (10) Anthony (9) Joey (7) Alex (5) Nathan (4) & Taylor (1 1/2)

Mom and sister-in-law Rachel 
We ended our month of November by putting up our Christmas lights!!

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