Tuesday, March 2, 2010

To See or Not to See

YIKES!!! I get word from Mike that his job offers great benefits on LASIK surgery. I have several thoughts about this subject-

1) This has been a procedure done for many years now and I know more than a handful of people whom have had it done.

2) I have probably spent over $5,304 (if not more) in products such as contact lens, glasses, appointments, saline solution, and eye wetting drops since 1997. I have basically already paid for LASIK twice since then.

3) Ummmmm do they really do that to your eye---YUCK?!?!

4) Will I go blind forever? I really like to see the leaves on a tree or blemishes on my skin-HA!

I go in tomorrow for an appointment with the Lasik center to see if I am even eligible for this procedure. We shall see (no punt intended)!!!

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