Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to You Miss Rose...

Happy Birthday to my beautiful sweet girl Taylor Rose!!! I am so blessed to have two gorgeous and healthy children!  I am so excited to live my life and see them live theirs!  Taylor turned 1 on February 9th!  This day is very special to me!!  My Grandma (on my moms side) passed away on the same day a year before Taylor's arrival.  It is so ironic how Taylor was brought to us on that very same day.  We had planned on doing something for her birthday, but it really snuck up on us.  I went on a 3 day cruise with my girlfriends and then when I got back both kids had a HORRIBLE stomach flu (thank God Nate was going #2 in the toilet).  By the time they got healthy again her birthday was here.  We had a low key celebration.  I made dinner and my parents came over to sing and do cake(some presents too!!!).  On the following weekend I went to John's Incredible Pizza with Taylor's cousins and Karen's kids.  It was nice, although I would of liked to made a bigger deal out of her big #1, but I guess she doesn't know either way!

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