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September 2011 Big Sur and such

Well, as you all know, Nate tried to give himself a buzz cut:( with daddies beard trimmer 2 days before school pictures.  Drum Roll Please----
 It didn't look too bad since Mike had given him a buzz cut!  I don't think he'll ever do that again, he seemed embarrassed.  It probably didn't help that everywhere we went I told everyone what he had done...if he only knew that EVERYONE on Facebook knew too*insert evil laugh*! He didn't like it when I did this to his photo either hehe
Taylor loves her brothers cowboy boots♥
-----***DONALD TRUMP-----***
For anyone who doesn't know the name of our 3rd child, it's Donald Trump aka The Don!  Taylor got this doll from Santa and to be quite honest, it's FREAKY looking.  Not sure what Santa was thinking, but what's done is done.  This Doll "Donald" seems to be creepily lurking and it's always staring at us (Mike & I). It has to go everywhere with us. The Don is definitely part of the family. This doll was as big as Taylor when she got it, she has grown,  and it is still HUGE.  Meet the Don------------------

Hopefully Santa can find a less creepy baby for Tay this Christmas and the Don can disappear.
Wonder how The Don got (it's) name? -SIMPLE-Mike and I seemed to think the dolls hair looked like Donald Trump's and we called it that maybe a total of 2 times.  Next thing you know Nathan is calling it Donald Trump, which naturally, Tay followed.  But personally, it should be named "Chucky" if ya know what I mean?! Mike says it's a "he" and I say it's a "she!"
----BATH TIME-----

Detroit Tiger's vs. Oakland Athletic's
The ongoing saga
My dad has been taking me to A's vs. Tiger's games as long as I can remember---well before the "bash brother" days, so a while.  It's "OUR" thing!  I have always been an A's fan and a tomboy. My dad being from Detroit has always been Tiger fan.  It's fun going together and rooting for different teams.  Over the years I have grown a sweet spot in my heart for the Tiger's. I have never admitted that out loud before WOW!  My dad and I haven't gone to a game together FOREVER because of college, then marriage, and babies.  BUT we made time!  Even better we planned the game for when Justin Verlander would appear! My mom babysat and we took off! 
Text pictures I received of the kids from my mom while I was away---they were well taken care as you can see!

Justin Verlander warming up before game time!  My dad got sweet seats!
JUSTIN VERLANDER - Justin Verlander is the 7th AL pitcher since World War II to record 24 wins and 240 strikeouts in a year, and the first since Ron Guidry did it for the Yanks 33 years ago 

The day before we left for camping to Big Sur---our tire flew off on the freeway. Not good. Thank GOD this did not happen while we were on CA-1, the edge of the world!

How on earth have I lived in California since I was 8 years old and never seen Big Sur ?!  I have been to Monterey and Carmel too many times to even count, yet never to this UNBELIEVABLY gorgeous place before?!?!?!  Well my life has forever been changed now!
Big Sur -  A place of great beauty and drama. A Wonder of the World, an international treasure taken for granted stands waiting mindless of humanity. The sheer cliffs that drop a thousand feet or more to the violent sea thrashing and pounding at the granite below.
After driving through Carmel Highlands, where impressive houses perch on granite cliffs above the sea, you reach the start of Big Sur, which extends 90 miles (145 kilometers) south to San Simeon. On this fabled coastline, redwood groves reach skyward, the Santa Lucia Range plunges into the sea, and waves are beaten to froth on ragged rocks. It's a place of elemental power that can make human affairs seem inconsequential.


I will say (or type:)) that the drive about sent me into a panic driven, anxiety, nut case melt down.  In a past life I must have died from falling somewhere really high?  I have always been afraid of heights and lets just say that this drive made me breathe like I was giving birth...stresses me out just thinking about those cliffs and how close your tires come to the edge of the world. ugggggg (but WORTH it)
We camped at Big Sur Campground and Cabins

It was really nice, expensive for camping.  We figured out why it was so expensive after we got there.  There are a ton of amenities that make camping convenient.  There are hook-ups, you don't pay for your showers with HOT water, there is a playground, basketball courts, laundry mat, Big Sur River that runs through with tube rentals, freshly brewed coffee, and a staff that aims to please!  Money well spent!
We reserved our site so far in advance that we got one of the best ones.  It was right on the river and across from the basketball court, which kept the kids busy! The basketball court was great for riding bikes and where Nathan rode WITHOUT TRAINING WHEELS for the very 1st time!!!!! Huge accomplishment and Taylor wore panties all week with out one accident!!!
Here is our spot

Taylor checking out our river!

Me and Nathan tubing (sort of) it was really shallow!

Our children Nathan (4) Taylor (2) Donald Trump (unknown)

Pfeiffer Beach
Private property and Big Sur's steep terrain makes most of its coastline inaccessible to the public, so we spent most of our time at Pfeiffer Beach!

I was shocked to find that we basically had this beach all to ourselves as you will see in the pictures below.  Most people would come, look, and leave.  It was like our own private beach with beautiful views, unique purple colored sand, and incredible rock formations.
Purple Sand
I have never seen anything like this in my life---

Off to Monterey Bay Aquarium

Grandpa & Wee-Man - not so wee anymore:(

2 pea's in a pod

The twins-

My moms friend Genny and her husband Gary whom dives in the kelp forest!  We got a backstage pass at the aquarium and special treatment with the diver...thanks Klugman's!



My favorite man in the whole entire world<3

Our campground from Carmel is only 22 miles south, but since it is the CRAZIEST road takes 45 minutes to get there.  The sun was setting on our drive back and the kids fell asleep in the truck so we pulled off for some truly remarkable views.  We were lucky enough that a stranger offered to take a picture for us!  
This was one of the most breathtaking views I have ever seen.  It looked like HEAVEN to me.  We are on this cliff and the ocean is far below. The fog was rolling in above the ocean while the sun was setting.  It was perfect timing to see something so much bigger than life!

McWay Falls - is an 80 foot waterfall located in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park that flows year-round. Like Alamere Falls, this waterfall is one of only two in the region that are close enough to the ocean to be referred to as "tidefalls". It is located on McWay Creek
We went, we saw, we conquered!  In other words we drove to it and looked.  We didn't take the hike, not with the kids at their respective ages:)

So, so, so, so glad we did this!  It's not far from Hearst Castle so maybe when the kids get older we can do this again and check out the castle!  This was a great end to our camping for the summer of 2011!
Donald got really dirty camping -HA-HA

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