Thursday, September 15, 2011

MID-September 2011

Lake Tahoe in September---HOTTTTTTTTT!  My dad stayed the night in Tahoe so my mom, the kids, and I rode up for the day for a quick day at the lake!  I needed that----I haven't been up there all year (rare)

Big Surprise---I know, I know I won tickets again to Alan Jackson this time.  My poor hardworking husband could not get work off this time so I took the BFF - Karen! My dad had tickets so we met up with him and my sister Traci!

Blanche's 93rd Birthday---Happy Birthday (Great) Grandma Palmer!!!

A day in Robbins 
The future Palmer's

Sibilings---who would ever want an only child....I love their love!
Best Dollar Tree Toy Yet-

FOLSOM LAKE with the rents' on the boat

Then there was the ride on the Yacht around the bay!  My brother's -wife's- dad (Peter) races sailboats and it was the final race of the Rolex Big Boat Series on San Francisco Bay, so his wife (Pat) rented a yacht for us to ride along and cheer him on for his 70th birthday!!  What an amazing experience!  The kids had a blast! We met our newest member of the family baby Drew!!!  My parents had 10 grandchildren on one yacht, incredible!
Introducing Drew Hubble Parrinello my baby nephew----I love him so much!

Patiently waiting to board the yacht!!

The dad and the brother~
3 generations

Proud new grandparents with grandchild #12 of the dirty dozen!

My man enjoying a day off YEAH!


The only 2 grand baby girls on the yacht


Nana & her girls

Nana & her twin- Taylor

My little man whom turns 5 next month wahhhhhhh

So proud of my "yacht" hat I made!

Lil & Big - My big brother looking oh so thrilled for another photo opt

Again proud of my hat!

Oldest grandchild / niece with youngest grandson / nephew

Me and seester getting our chat on

The rents'

My sister and her big beautiful family

Trying to get 10 grandchildren to cooperate for this photo op---HARD

Peter's boat

Mike owning the place:)

An absolute perfect day from start to finish!

Now we are getting ready for another camping experience that we haven't done before---BIG SUR!
We will be going here for sure!! McWay Falls!
And to leave you all with a smile~~~ I was busy making lasagna for dinner and Nathan was suppose to be "watching" a show...he came out and got a hold of daddy's hair clippers---there is always a bright side, at least it wasn't my little Goldilocks!  Poor guy looks like he is having issues with major hair loss-

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