Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Fourth! Let freedom ring~

We went to Fort Bragg for the Fourth this year!  It was so much fun we got 5 campsites all together and let me tell you they were PRIMO spots!  We had so many kids running around.  I feel like I didn't even see Nate he was so busy running with the "crew."

Our new home...we were so proud!

Yes, Taylor was there it just seemed like every time I was able to take photos she was napping...So I must say the best firework show by far is on the cliffs of the harbor in Fort Bragg.  Mike and I had done it before pre-child and we FINALLY got back and were able to share it with our kids and family!  It is indescribable...mayhem yet pure bliss!

White trash sand toy AKA Corona bottle!

Nathan's cousin Alex has been sleeping over a lot lately which is nice because they entertain each other!


Yes, this is a real snake that they are holding!

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