Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter and Toilets!

I know I know Easter and toilets doesn’t really sound all that attractive said together, but I have never been so excited about a toilet before!

This picture Taylor was 6 weeks old and Nathan 2 ½!

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday which I am so excited for! We dyed our Easter eggs yesterday because Mike has to work late tonight. Nathan absolutely loved it. I am sort of a control Nazi and had to keep reminding myself that it’s okay if Nathan wants to put his egg in orange and then blue…who cares…color outside of the box right?! He was really into it which was fun for me because this is the first year of doing this soon – to – be annual tradition! Ohhhh and he eats hard boiled eggs too, hehehehe, who would have thought. Thats my boy, he'll eat anything!

I am excited tonight to assemble his basket from “The Easter Bunny” and see him wake up to all of those goodies! I sort of went more nuts on the toy side of Easter rather than the candy and sweets because he doesn’t know any better yet and I figure why get him all amped up and junk and sugar when he doesn’t even know what he is missing out on. There will come a time in the near future when all he wants for Easter is SUGAR and until then, at least Mike and I won’t have to deal with a sugar crazed 2 year old! (Although…I did buy myself two Cadbury eggs and already ate them *wink*wink*)

We went to the mall to visit the Easter bunny and the entire way all Nathan kept saying was, “Mommy, see bunny rabbit, see bunny now?” I think he thought we were going to see like a pet rabbit, but when we stood in line he was looking at the rabbit and smiling like everything was A-Okay. I gave the bunny a hug and handed him Taylor (whom was sleeping) and Nathan looked at me like I was crazy when I told him to hop up on his lap. He threw a fit and I said okay you don’t have to sit on his lap, just sit next to him at least. He did and I was so surprised because he was crying in terror but still hoped up next to him until I told him to get down. I couldn’t get him to not cry for the picture, but I thought I was pretty lucky to have him in the picture at all! And then when it was over they give the kids a toy and Nathan was back to normal…what an experience! Afterward my mom took him on his first carousal ride, which of course he LOVED! I used to get to see my sister Amy's kids and my mom have all of these experiences (which I loved to be a part of as well), so now it is so special to me that I get to see my kids get to do these special things with her as well!

And now to the toilet part of this story…Nathan is in the process of potty training and it couldn’t be going any better. I don’t know, but I think God might be playing a trick on me to show me how easy one child can be and then show me a more “challenging” road with Taylor. And I still say challenging lightly because even she is rather good and easy! Nathan has been potty training in full force now…meaning not wearing diapers for almost a week now. I put him in big boy underwear and Mike and I laugh because half of the time Nathan won’t even tell us he has to go to the bathroom he just takes the initiative to walk himself to the toilet and go all on his own. Mike and I will be sitting there and all of a sudden he just walks right by me and goes to the bathroom all by himself. I think the only reason why he wants to tell me is so he can get a reward --- RAISENET. If it weren’t for his sweet tooth he’d probably just go on about his business with out ever telling us. I just think this is going way too easily and smoothly…but I AM ALL FOR IT! We do however put him in pull-ups for nap and bedtime or if we are leaving the house. But this is the start!!!! So HALLELUAH to the toilet!

Taylor is growing so fast. She as an umbilical hernia which the doctor says will go away on its own in a month or so. It doesn’t cause her any pain or anything it just looks like her belly button is pushed out for now. I can’t wait until it goes back to normal! She is sleeping in her crib in her own room already. Some nights she sleeps for 4 -6 hours and occasionally she’ll have a night where she is up every 2 hours…which is exhausting. Nathan at this stage would sleep through the entire night without one feeding, but I think it is because I would give him a bottle before bed and that filled him up and held him off for longer. Our little angel Taylor is refusing the bottle right now so we are trying to train her which the doctor says will take 2 -3 weeks. I was giving her one bottle of expressed milk per week and then one day she just refused…so this is where I speak of “challenging.” I need to get her to take the bottle because I have some future obligations and plans which require me to leave her and she will HAVE to take the bottle in order for that to happen!

I hope everyone has a very Happy Easter!!! We’ll be in touch soon!!!!

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