Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy 40th Amy!

I have been quite the procrastinator as of late, but I blame it on my computer.  My computer is terminally ill and makes it hard to update my blog.  Pretty much everything I do now is from my phone is smarter than the average human, but a hair dumber than blogging capabilities! Onto bigger and better things---FORT BRAG 2011

My sister Amy is officially over the hill!
 We had a surprise party for her and it was a ton of fun!  I can't believe I'll be 40 in 8 years!!! Taylor totally---BUSTED getting into the Patron bottle!
 I won concert tickets to go see The Willy Nelson Throw Down in Murphy's, CA!!Mike and I got to get away for DATE NIGHT!!!  The venue was at Ironstone Amphitheater which is AMAZING!  We drove up to Big Tree's Campground when it was over and "roughed" it by sleeping in the back of Mike's.  It was nice being spontaneous for once in our lives...we watched the stars all night!!!

These trees are NO JOKE!

Thank god for my mom!!! She is our go-to sitter and is always there in a pinch, while working her butt of every waking moment...our precious babies asleep at Nana's! Thank you mama, love you!

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