Sunday, March 6, 2011

February "Birthday Girl"

I do not know where time "cliche" I know, but so darn true!
This month my sweet, stubborn, angel turns the big 2! Two years ago I was blessed with this yummy precious baby girl.  I can't believe how much Nathan has changed since bringing Taylor into our home.  He went from her age now, to a protective and caring bigger brother. Taylor came to us 2/9/09 at 9:22 AM weighing 9.2 lbs.  I think 2 and 9 just might be lucky numbers for her, what do you think? Taylor went from this HUGE red baby with thick black hair to a very TALL and skinny curly blond haired blue eyed girl.  It is crazy to see how much her features have changed in 2 years.

Taylor is was one of the best Valentine's Day presents one could ever receive.  She will always be my Valentine♥!  I got excited to make her birthday outfit because I recently learned how to make tu-tu's!  I made her a Valentine's Day tu-tu and then I cut the number 2 out of some cute fabric and sewed it on a pink shirt that was already in her closet.  I then made a chic little headband with red sequins and a pink satin bow.  PINK PINK and more PINK yay!  Thank you Mike for giving me a girl!  I was getting sick of making blankets and "boy things."  Now I am going pink and girl crazy!  I am feeling pinktastic!
Drum Roll please-------

Below is the back of the tu-tu I had to add some turquoise ribbon (of course)!

On her actual birthday 2/9 we went to Chuck E Cheese!  My mom, dad, uncle, sister, and her kids joined us.  I really, really, (embarrassingly so) like Chuck E Cheese.  I liked it because there was nothing off limits AND every single ride was only 1 quarter each!  Now those of you that know about John's Incredible Pizza----it's a rip off and wayyyyyyyyyyy over crowded.

Nate and his cousin Alex

A rose for a rose


This look I like to call hobo chic

We had planned on having a birthday party for Taylor, but we cancelled it because too many people were unable to attend.  I was so happy we had Chuck E Cheese to call her "party!" 
My best friend, Karen came up with Disney on Ice tickets!  I had to make all the little girls "Disney" tu-tu's for the big event!  What I love about these tu-tu's is that you can just take off the Disney strips of tulle and vah-la its back to a regular old tu-tu!  We had a good time at DOI.Taylor liked the chairs with the folding seats. She seemed to think she was on a ride at Disney Land rather than watching a show.  Nathan had a good time he enjoyed all of his favorite characters.  He told me that Buzz was too little though!
Here are the tu-tu's!!

Cheers to making golden floral headbands!!!

Oh Nathan, Nathan, Nathan~

The picture below was taken by Nathan!! Good job Nate! 

Cousin Joey & Nate

Cousin Alex & Taylor

All tuckered out!

Mike had to get up in the attic and the kids "inner roofer" came out, just like their Grandpa Hubble!

How crazy is this?  Crazy because it was on her actual birthday!  I took off the front side to Taylor's crib and converted it into a toddler bed.  Before converting her crib all she did everyday / night was climb out. I thought NOW is the time!  I actually caught her last climb out on video.
Taylor was ready for the change, however I was not!  I'm not sure if it's because she is my baby and this is letting go of the "baby" or if it is because I'll miss the "jail" part of the crib. I guess it wasn't really jail anymore as she could break out anytime she wanted to.  Let's just say this stage is uber challenging.  Sometimes she gets up 10 times and I have to continuously re-do the whole bedtime routine.  This stage is more than welcome to pass! Can you say T-I-R-I-N-G? 

Taylor thanks you for the birthday presents and wishes xoxoxoxo!

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  1. This is sooo CUTE!! made me almost tear up! :)