Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas was amazing this year!  We celebrated Christmas our first time in our first home!  It was so nice to decorate this year!  Last year I was packing to move, so we had no decorations, or tree.  Nathan didn't seem to mind (or know any better).  This year he just kept asking me for a tree!  We went to get a tree and he picked it out!  It by far was the most PERFECT tree I have ever seen! 

We went to go to the "dreaded pictures with Santa" and there was a store that had real looking dinosaurs and you could ride them for a dollar...of course Nate had to ride one.  When he actually got up on it he became a little weary!!!

I thought for sure when Taylor and Nate saw Santa it was going to be another one of "my experiences."  I took photos before just to get smiles.

And then I had a Christmas miracle---NEITHER KID CRIED!!! OMG

We spent Christmas Eve with my family and I had such an amazing time.  Nathan is so much fun now, he loves opening gifts, watching others open gifts, he actually got it!!!  Taylor enjoyed playing with the wrapping paper the most!  It was nice having all of the cousins together! 
Evan -Oldest cousin
Taylor - Youngest cousin
The 2 girls ~ Em & Tay

And for all of you who know how I have been angsting over the "toywatch" for 2 years now...I got my watch for Christmas from Mike.  What a doll!!!!♥ ♥
Mrs. Claus must have been very good this year!
How cute are my kids!!!!????
What a ham!
And then there was Christmas morning at our house!
Nate was so excited, but he woke up and came and got us before he even went out to the living room!  I was so glad because I had my camera ready next to my night stand and I would have missed his reaction---BUT---I didn't!
And one year down just like that!

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