Saturday, February 21, 2009

We did it all!!!

I just love the above photo because it shows how similar Taylor and I are as newborns! Now Mike has his mini-me and I may have a mini-me of my spectacular!!! I am feeling sooooo much better it is amazing what a difference 2 weeks can make! Everyday I am stronger and stronger which is very important as I need FULL strength just to keep up with Nathan alone! I am feeling so accomplished...we did the move (and are still unpacking). We are incredibly more organized, it is amazing how much junk two people can acquire after living together for almost 6 years. I delivered Taylor and we are both healthy which is extremely important and also a huge relief. I love sitting here in my new house with my family I feel so proud that Mike and I were able to do all of this for our family and ourselves before turning 30!!!

I took more photos of Taylor and she was not happy about being half naked in a itchy skirt, but I think it was worth it because she looked so dang cute. Mike rolled his eyes and shook his head at me for making her endure this torture including the barrette, but I am rejoicing in the pink and ALL things girly. I swear I'd french braid her hair if there a few more inches on it hehehehe!

Nathan absolutely loves Taylor. Whenever she cries he gets all concerned and says, "Oh baby don't cry." He loves to give her kisses and he gives her better ones than he gives to mommy and daddy. She gets the kisses and his lips actually smack like a real kiss should sound. Daddy and I get shafted we just get a open or closed mouth like he is kissing the air...lucky little Taylor!

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